Benchmarks: F1 2016, WATCH_DOGS2

Race fans will enjoy slightly, ever so slightly better performance with the GTX 970 as the R9 390 trails by a few frames per second at 1080p and much the same is also found at 1440p. Still both graphics cards enabled smooth playable performance in this title using the maximum in-game quality settings.

Watch Dogs 2 provides similar results between the factory overclocked GTX 970 and R9 390, both averaging around 55 fps at 1080p. This meant custom overclocking gave the GTX 970 the edge but the margins were far from extreme. Now at 1440p the overclocked GTX 970 pulls further ahead hitting 47 fps to the R9 390's 41 fps. Ideally gamers will want to require the quality settings here to achieve frame rates closer to 60 fps.