Benchmarks: Overwatch, Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Unsurprisingly the R9 390 handles overwatch at 1080p with ease delivering a silky smooth 155 fps on average and 165 fps once overclocked. It might have been a bit slower than the GTX 970 in this title but with over 100 fps at all times, it hardly matters. Moving to 1440p we do see frame rates drop as you would expect and now the GTX 970 isn't much faster than the 390, in fact the minimum frame rates are very similar indeed.

With nothing more than the factory overclocking in play we see that the HIS 390 and Gainward GTX 970 are neck and neck in Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Overclocked the 970 does a little better but the margins are hardly extreme. Jumping to 1440p helps out the R9 390 in its battle against the 970 though once again the margins are very minor.