Benchmarks: Prey, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

We're getting there people, second last game and it's Prey. Here the 390 churned out an impressive 95 fps on average which placed it on par with the GTX 970. Moving to 1440p the 390 again matched the 970 out of the box though overclocking did had the 970 a rather massive win over the 390. Still both were good for over 50 fps at all times using the very high quality settings.

We made it, Dawn of War III the last game tested. Right so at 1080p the 390 was good for 73 fps on average which is essentially what we saw from the 970. Once again overclocking helped the 970 snag the lead as it hit 85 fps to the 76 fps of the overclocked 390. On the other hand the 1440p resolution once again helps out the 390 allowing it to close in on the overclocked 970. In the end an average of around 50 fps is plenty for smooth playable performance in Dawn of War III.