Benchmarks: For Honor, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

For those of you who like to cross swords we have For Honor and here we find another ding dong battle between the R9 390 and GTX 970. Out of the box the 390 was a smidgen quicker while the 970 pulled a fraction ahead once overclocked. We find much the same story at 1440p between the 390 and 970. The R9 390 looks good overclocked though, matching the RX 480 8GB.

For those of you unaware using the very high quality settings Resident Evil 7 is a massive VRAM pig and as a result even at 1080p the R9 390 is able to pull well ahead of the GTX 970, well ahead. Out of the box the 390 was almost 40% faster than the 970, that's a devastating margin right there. Increasing the resolution only makes life harder for the GTX 970 as the R9 390 is now 47% faster. Whereas the 390 is good for at least 66 fps the 970 can only muster 45 fps.