Benchmarks: Hitman, Civilization VI, Doom

Hitman's results are interesting. Whereas the the GTX 780 has previously been found to land somewhere between the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 970, it's now pretty much on par with the 1050 Ti, making it one of the slowest GPUs tested. Of course this is an AMD-sponsored title, but the R9 390 was still 74% faster.

The R9 390 is now 82% faster at 1440p and again the GTX 780 is only able to match the GTX 1050 Ti. Hitman is the most recently released game of those tested so far, so it shall be interesting to see how things go as we look at the next 18 games.

The GTX 780 completely tanked in Civilization 6, at least when compared to the competition. Here it was slower than even the GTX 1050 Ti with an average of 53 fps at 1080p.

Moving to 1440p the margins remain much the same, here the GTX 780 was roughly on part with the 1050 Ti making it the slowest GPU tested.

Doom was never going to be gentle with the GTX 780 and here we see a large drop in the minimum frame rate. Please be aware that minimum fps is based on an average of three runs so this isn't some kind of one off dip in performance. Although the GTX 780 did keep the frames above 60fps at all times, we see that rates did fluctuate quite a bit here.

Moving to 1440p, the variance between the minimum and average frame rate isn't as extreme but even so, overall the GTX 780 didn't look particularly impressive in Doom, especially when compared to the GTX 970 and R9 390.