Benchmarks: Battlefield 1, Quantum Break, F1 2016

Here we see that the GTX 780 was able to average just over 60fps at 1080p in Battlefield 1 which is of course playable performance despite being much slower than the GTX 970 and R9 390.

Cranking the resolution up to 1440p hammered the GTX 780 down to just 6fps faster than the GTX 1050 Ti and a lot slower than everything else tested.

After getting obliterated in Hitman, it was unexpected to see the GTX 780 overtake the GTX 970 in Quantum Break. It wasn't a great deal slower than the R9 390 either, at least compared to previous titles.

The 780 does drop off the pace at 1440p, though it's still able to match the GTX 970 so that's certainly not a poor result.

Playing F1 2016 at 1080 returns the GTX 780 to mediocre performance, as its 56fps positioned it between the 1060 3GB and 1050 Ti, which is much slower than the GTX 970 and R9 390.

The GTX 780 did no better after moving to 1440p and here it trailed the R9 390 by a 22% margin with an average frame rate of just 42fps.