Benchmarks: Titanfall 2, CoD: Infinite Warfare, For Honor

Despite offering a fairly smooth 60fps at all times, the GTX 780 was the slowest card tested in Titanfall 2. The GTX 1050 Ti is surprisingly fast in this title and as a result the GTX 780 came in last place.

Moving to 1440p allowed the GTX 780 to claw its way out of last place, if only just. It's worth noting, however, that performance here was competitive across most of the graphics cards tested.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare saw the GTX 780 deliver acceptable performance at 1080p with an average of 60fps. That made it 13% slower than the GTX 970 and 18% slower than the R9 390.

Surprisingly, the GTX 780 actually closed in this time at 1440p, at least on the GTX 970 anyway. It was still 18% slower than the Radeon R9 390.

For Honor isn't a hugely demanding game and this is evident by the GTX 780's performance as it managed to match the RX 470 with almost 70fps. This also placed the 780 within striking distance of the GTX 970.

Even at 1440p we find similar results and here the mid-range graphics cards are mostly competitive, including the 780.