Benchmarks: World of Tanks, Counter Strike Global Offensive

World of Tanks doesn't hammer a processor the way that a game like Warhammer or Battlefield 1 does, not to mention that CPU utilization is also quite poor and multi-core CPUs aren't properly utilized. That said, because it isn't that demanding on processors, you'll find that models such as the Pentium G4560 do quite well. The dual-core Intel CPU is clearly peaking with the GTX 1060 but it's doing so with a minimum frame rate of a little over 130fps. It's a similar story with the R3 1200, though it's a little slower at around 120fps.

Basically the difference in performance between these CPUs isn't really important as all push well over 120fps for the most part. The point here being that for 1080p performance you need nothing more than the GTX 1060 for this title.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive like World of Tanks is really all about the CPU for those high frame rates competitive gamers crave to reduce input lag for maximum responsiveness. That said, it also doesn't take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs and so again the G4560 is able to keep pace with the R3 1200, something it can't do in most new games.

The i5-7400 is again king in these situations where we are relying on single core performance. That said the Ryzen 3 1300X was never that far behind and with a little overclocking should be able to match and possibly even beat the Core i5 processor. Basically though CS:GO gamers need to worry less about their GPU and place all their attention on the CPU.