Benchmarks: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Rainbow Six Siege

The GTX 1060 completely neutralizes the field in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All CPUs were limited to a 45fps minimum, which is what the GTX 1060 dips down to in this title at 1080p using ultra quality settings and no amount of CPU power can change that.

Even with a GTX 1070 rendering The Witcher 3, the CPU results are mostly the same, with the exception of the G4560, which starts to drop off the pace. However, the performance does start to differ between the various CPU models when pairing them with the GTX 1080. The i5-7400 was king here, though the R5 1400 and R3 1300X weren't far behind and will no doubt steal the show once overclocked.

Due to popular demand, I'm bringing back the Rainbow Six: Siege benchmarking and I'm glad I did because it provided some interesting results. Here we see even with the GTX 1060 installed that the Ryzen CPUs are clearly faster than the Intel processors when looking at the minimum frame rate.

After installing the GTX 1070, the Ryzen CPUs remain strong though it has to be said the G4560 is hanging in there quite well also. Beyond this we were heavily limited by CPU performance and moving to the GTX 1080 didn't do much for us, especially when using the G4560 and R3 1200.