Rendering Performance

Moving on to Blender's Ryzen Graphic 27 test, the 1950X offered a massive 29% performance improvement over the 7900X, and in fact even the 1920X bested the Core i9 CPU, albeit by a slim margin, but a solid result for AMD nonetheless. Let's move on to check out a more extreme Blender workload.

The Gooseberry workload takes some serious firepower to complete in around half an hour and we see this as the 1950X turns in a time of almost 32 minutes but that's a decent improvement on the 36 minutes it takes the Core i9-7900X, a 13% improvement in fact. This time the Core i9 CPU does just beat the 1920X though the margin was extremely slim.

Corona comes as a standalone benchmark. It renders a fixed scene six times and we take the time it takes to complete the task. This application loves threads to the more the merrier and the quicker you'll be done and can move on to something else. Here we see yet again that the 1920X is able to best the Core i9-7900X, even it is by a slim margin. Meanwhile the 1950X races ahead smashing the 7900X by a convincing 31% margin.

POV-Ray is another ray-tracer and it's been around for many years. When testing with the official benchmark, the 1920X bests the i9-7900X by a rather convincing 10% margin -- AMD's best result yet. Meanwhile, the 1950X was a whopping 37% faster than the Core i9 CPU and for those wondering almost 90% faster than the 1800X. This concludes the productivity benchmarks, time for a few quick games.