Price vs. Performance

To compare price vs. performance I've taken the current retail cost for each processor from Amazon and you can find those links at the bottom of this page.

When looking at Blender, the Threadripper 1950X delivers the best performance as it's situated the furthest right on our scatter plot and as you can see it also sits lower than the Core i9-7900X since it's also cheaper.

To give you a better idea of what's going on, here is a linear guide from the Ryzen 7 1700 to the Threadripper 1950X. CPUs positioned left of this line represent poorer value while anything to the right is better in terms of price vs. performance.

This gives us a good idea how things look between AMD's cheapest 8-core CPU and its new flagship parts. As you can see, the Intel Core i7-7800X and 7820X are very competitive while the 1920X offers the best overall value. The only CPU to deviate a notable distance from the line is the Core i9-7900X and since it's to the left, we find it to be a poor value.

Next up we have Corona and this benchmark looks to be largely dominated by AMD and all four of their CPUs deliver a similar price vs. performance ratio. Intel's best value offering here is the Core i7-7820X while the 7800X and 7900X represent a rather poor value.

The POVRay price vs. performance scatter plot looks remarkably similar to what we saw with Corona. Again we see that all four AMD processors provide a similar value, while only the Core i7-7820X looks half decent here for Intel while its 7800X and 7900X are a bad value.

Finally, I wanted to check out price vs. performance in Premiere Pro CC. The AMD processors look to be ahead in terms of value, while the Core i7-7820X seems like the best buy out of Intel's Skylake-X CPUs. The overpriced 7900X again represents a poor value.