Sniper Elite 4, The Division, Rise of the Tomb Raider

Moving on, we have Sniper Elite 4 and these results look much like what we saw when testing with older DX11 titles such as Resident Evil 7 and Rainbow Six Siege for example. The Core i7-7700K does offer slightly better numbers though it has to be said that the Ryzen 5 1600 is competitive and turns in a number of respectable results.

The Division provides fairly typical results much like what we just saw in Sniper Elite 4, here Ryzen is slightly slower but still competitive while the GTX 1080 and Vega 64 GPUs deliver similar results using either CPU.

Much like what we saw in Dawn of War III and F1 2016, for some reason Ryzen really struggles when using Vega 64 at 1080p and this isn't something we saw with the GTX 1080. When at 1440p, we were heavily GPU-bound and the experience is exactly the same regardless of the combo used.