Dawn of War III, F1 2016, Mass Effect Andromeda

Moving on, I have some more typical results, though some explaining will still be in order here. At 1080p we again see that the Core i7-7700K is quite clearly the better CPU in this title and interestingly Vega 64 actually does much better with the Intel CPU. The GTX 1080 was 5% faster than Vega 64 when using the 7700K but 10% faster with the R5 1600.

Moving to 1440p things change quite a bit but this has less to do with the CPUs and more to do with Vega 64 coming on stronger at higher resolutions. The 7700K also allows Vega to stretch its legs more. Here it was 18% faster than the GTX 1080 while it was just 12% faster using the R5 1600.

Next we have the F1 2016 results – what's going on here? Well at 1080p it's pretty standard stuff, the 7700K provides the best results and allows Vega 64 to deliver a better 1% low result. Meanwhile, Ryzen 5 is slower and limits both cards to the same 1% low performance.

Increasing the resolution to 1440p allows Vega to comfortably pull ahead of the GTX 1080 when using the 7700K. However, with the R5 1600 we see that while Vega does deliver a better 1% low result it falls slightly behind for the average result. Basically what we are seeing here is better overall performance using the 7700K so it will be interesting to see if it's the same story with F1 2017. Unfortunately though I haven't had time to include that title yet.

Mass Effect Andromeda provides what are probably the most 'normal' looking results we've seen so far. They're also highly competitive for what that's worth. Ryzen really isn't much slower at 1080p and naturally that small margin is reduced further at 1440p. This isn't an overly CPU demanding title but we have seen in the past it does utilize Ryzen quite well.