Total War: Warhammer, Prey, Power Consumption

Wrapping up the benchmarks we have Total War: Warhammer and these results are a bit all over the place -- the elephant in the room being Vega's weaker than expected 1% low results. Whereas the GTX 1080 never dipped below 89 fps when paired with the 7700K, Vega 64 dropped down to 70 fps and much the same was seen when using the R5 1600.

The unexplainable 1440p numbers can again be seen, this time when testing with Prey. At 1080p we see competitive performance between the R5 1600 and 7700K as both deliver pretty much the same experience with both GPUs.

However, things change dramatically as we increase the resolution to 1440p. Looking at the GTX 1080 results we see that frame rates with the 7700K are reduced by 40% from what was seen at 1080p. There's around 44% fewer pixels to deal with at 1080p so this makes sense.

Comparing the GTX 1080 results with Ryzen we see just a 24% reduction in frame rate and that doesn't seem possible. It's extremely odd how Ryzen goes from roughly matching the 7700K at 1080p to considerably better average results 1440p. I have no idea why this is happening and I triple checked these numbers of course but I'd love for someone else to confirm them.

Once we increase the resolution to 1440p the margins tighten up and now the 7700K and R5 1600 both deliver a similar experience, as does the GTX 1080 and Vega 64 GPUs.

Fuel consumption is where Ryzen really impresses. Granted, the Core i7-7700K is clocked 23% higher but the Ryzen CPU does pack 50% more cores so its overall consumption is great when gaming. What's less impressive is how much go-juice Vega 64 gobbles up, but we already knew this about Vega 64.