Synthetic Application Performance

The lower the SuperPI calculation time the better. Before any overclocking takes place the Rampage II GENE does exceptionally well in SuperPI matching the performance of the Asus P6T Deluxe.

Now here is a test that we ran several more times than usual because the Asus Rampage II GENE kept coming significantly faster than the Asus P6T Deluxe. Why the Rampage II GENE scored much better in the PCmark Vantage Communications and Productivity tests is anyone's best guess.

As you can see overclocking the Asus Rampage II GENE does not help with the OpenGL rendering performance as the results at 4.0GHz are much the same as they were at 3.20GHz. However the multi-CPU rendering results are significantly improved as we see a 22% performance rise when going from 3.20GHz to 4.0GHz.

The Rampage II GENE continues to perform well in WinRAR matching the P6T Deluxe in both the single and multi-thread tests. The fact that the mATX board can evenly match another high-end X58 board scores well in our book.