Benchmarks: Discrete Graphics Card

Here's how the 2400G and 2200G perform with the integrated Vega GPU disabled and replaced with the Radeon RX 550. The 2200G was just 8% faster with the discrete graphics card installed, so that really speaks to just how impressive the integrated Vega GPU is. Similarly, the 2400G only saw an improvement of 4%, so the integrated Vega GPU is basically an RX 550, as suspected.

That said, at 1080p we see the benefits of local GPU memory as the RX 550 starts to pull ahead. Raven Ridge's integrated graphics still do remarkably well. It's interesting to note that the 1% low results with the RX 550 are noticeably better with the 1300X an 1500X opposed to the new APUs, that will be something to look into with a wider selection of games in the future. Remember, Overwatch is a very CPU intensive title when running the bot match test.

Rather than dig through all that data for the other eight games I've tested right now, I'm instead going to move onto something I feel is more important for would-be buyers and that is overclocking, power consumption, temperatures and the all-important memory scaling.