Benchmarks: Applications

Performance was much the same between the Raven Ridge APUs and the Ryzen 3 and 5 X models. The 2200G was slightly ahead of the 1300X while the 2400G was slightly behind the 1500X.

When testing with 7-Zip we see that the 2200G lands just ahead of the 1300X, making it slightly slower than the Core i3-8100. Meanwhile, the 2400G was faster than the 1500X for the decompression test but quite a bit slower for the compression test.

Benchmarking with Premiere Pro CC shows a small improvement in performance for the 2400G and 2200G over the 1500X and 1300X. It's nice to see another application where the massive reduction in L3 cache has no performance on impact and if anything it's helped increase performance due to improved latency.

Both the 2400G and 2200G are able to slightly improve upon the X models, though the margins were slim. The 2400G for example was just 2% faster than the 1500X, though it was 8% faster than the Core i3-8350K.

When testing with Corona, the Raven Ridge APUs basically match the X models, making the 1500X and 1300X somewhat pointless now. The 2200G also matched the Core i3-8100 while the 2400G was just a fraction slower than the Core i5-8400.

The last application benchmark that we're going to look at is POVRay and here the 2200G was 8% faster than the 1300X while the 2400G was just a single percent faster than the 1500X. That said, I should note both Raven Ridge parts were noticeably slower than similarly priced Intel processors in this test.