Benchmarks: Memory Scaling

First up we have the dual-channel results using the 2200G and these figures were recorded in the CS:GO benchmark at 720p. So all the previous testing was done using DDR4-3200 memory and here we can see that's the optimal speed. I was able to get this kit to 3466 but I had to lower the timings and this reduced the performance benefits of operating at a higher memory speed.

What we can quite clearly see here is that dropping down from 3200 to the official 2933 spec reduced the average frame rate by 6%. Then we saw a further 6% reduction going from 2933 down to 2666 and then 8% from 2666 to 2400. If you were to use DDR4-2400 memory in a dual-channel configuration you stand to lose up to 20% performance compared to what we've shown here.

Some of you suggested that you'd like to run these new Raven Ridge APUs with a single 8GB memory module as it is cheaper to do this at the moment. Given the results, I strongly recommend you stick to dual-channel memory. Here's a better graph for showing the real performance impact. Using DDR4-3200 memory you'll see a massive 33% reduction in frame rate with single channel memory and this figure increases as the memory speed is reduced. So, please stick with dual-channel operation.