Benchmarks: Overclocking

So let's start by taking a quick look at overclocking. I'm only showing results for a single game right now. There's much more testing to be done but I only had so much time to get this little bit done. The results included should give you a pretty good idea of what's possible but there will be a future piece dedicated to overclocking.

Please note that all overclocking was done with the stock box cooler and these results include just GPU overclocking, not the CPU. I don't believe you'll be able to overclock both the CPU and GPU with the box cooler but that's not a big deal as the biggest gains will come from GPU overclocking. By default, the 2200G runs its Vega cores at 1.1GHz and the 2400G at 1.25GHz, both have been pushed to 1.6GHz using 1.3 volts. Here are the results.

At 720p I was only able to boost the Fortnite result for the 2400G by 8%, I mean that's not bad but we did increase the GPU clock speed by 28% so you should be able to expect better performance. In fact, we see that with the 2200G which for some reason responded to overclocking better. Here we were able to boost performance by a massive 29% and now the 2200G is able to match the stock 2400G in this title.

Similar margins were seen at 1080p, though this time the 2200G performance was boosted by 35%, which wasn't quite enough to match the stock 2400G. Still overall great results and I'm keen to spend much more time playing around with the overclocking capabilities of these new APUs.