Benchmarks: PCmark Vantage (Application Loading)

This first batch of PCmark Vantage results look at the Windows Defender and Windows Vista Startup performance. While the G.Skill drives perform well when compared to the traditional desktop hard drive, they are less impressive when compared to other SSDs included in this round-up.

The Super Talent UltraDrive ME 64GB was again slightly slower than the OCZ Vertex 120GB, which was 70% faster than the G.Skill Titan 128GB in the Windows Vista Startup test.

Despite the strong performance shown by the OCZ Vertex 120GB, the Intel X25-M 80GB was still a bit faster, though only by a small margin.

Looking at the Windows Media Player and Application Loading tests in PCmark Vantage we find that the Intel X25-M 80GB is the most impressive performing SSD. The Intel X25-M 80GB was 15% faster than the next quickest performer, the OCZ Vertex 120GB in the Application Loading test and just 3% faster than the Vertex in the Windows Media Player test.

The G.Skill SSDs struggled in this test and were found to be many times slower than the competing drives, while still pulling ahead over the traditional desktop hard drive.

The last two PCmark Vantage tests that we included are the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Media Center tests. While the Intel X25-M 80GB did well in the Windows Photo Gallery test, the OCZ Vertex 120GB and Super Talent UltraDrive ME 64GB drives raced ahead in the Windows Media Center test.

Perhaps the most surprising result came from the G.Skill Titan 128GB which managed a throughput of 162MB/s in the Windows Photo Gallery test, making it the fastest tested SSD here. The same drive was not so impressive in the Windows Media Center test, delivering half the performance of the Intel X25-M 80GB.

The OCZ Vertex 120GB was some 50% faster than the Intel X25-M 80GB in the Windows Media Center test, too.