Benchmarks: HD Tach

HD Tach looks at read performance, and as you can see the traditional desktop hard drive fairs quite well in these tests. In fact the burst speed of the Samsung 640GB hard drive is better than that of the G.Skill 64GB and G.Skill Titan 128GB SSDs. The average read speed is much lower however.

The Intel X25-M 80GB appeared to deliver the best performance in these tests, with both the burst speed and average read results very close to one another. After a few determining tests, we can see consistency is playing a key factor in favor of the Intel drive.

Using HD Tach to measure the random access time and CPU utilization of each drive, the traditional hard drive shows a very high random access time, with the Samsung 640GB drive taking 12.1ms while the SSDs are in the range of 0.1 – 0.2ms. Pretty amazing.

The CPU utilization is also very low for the SSDs, though we found that the Intel X25-M used up to 3% due to its impressive throughput capabilities.