Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is a new program designed specifically to measure the performance of Solid State Drives. The first test measures sequential performance and here we see for the first time very different results when comparing the Corsair P Series 128GB to the OCZ Summit. The Summit produced better write performance in this test, while the Corsair P Series delivered considerably better read performance.

Then we have the A-Data S592 128GB which was considerably slower than the original Vertex SSD.

The 4KB AS SSD Benchmark test showed the weakness of the Samsung based SSDs, just as CrystalDiskMark did. While the read performance of the Corsair P Series 128GB was just a bit slower than Indilinx Barefoot SSDs, the write performance was about three times slower. The OCZ Agility delivered roughly the same performance as the A-Data S592 128GB.

The 4K-64 Thread test hammers the Samsung SSDs, badly. The Corsair P 128GB managed a write throughput of just 2.3MB/s. This is particularly poor when compared to the 18.6MB/s of the Intel X25-M SSD.

The OCZ Agility was a surprising good performer in this test with a write throughput of 12.3MB/s, making it slightly slower than the Vertex. It is worth noting that the Agility was faster than the A-Data S592 128GB in both the read and write tests.