OCZ Vertex Turbo 120GB

Our last SSD roundup featured the original OCZ Vertex, which proved to be an excellent alternative to the Intel X25-M. Since then OCZ has been working on a few different versions of the Vertex. There is the cheaper Agility series which we just looked at, and there is also the Vertex Turbo.

Truth be told, the difference between the two is very small. As the name suggests this is a performance-oriented version meant to squeeze the most performance out of the design. The Vertex Turbo uses the fastest SDR DRAM cache available and a proprietary FTL-level firmware that according to OCZ provides an even faster solid state drive for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate desktop or laptop storage upgrade.

The SDR DRAM cache has been made faster through good old fashioned overclocking, a past time of which OCZ was based upon. By increasing both the host clock-speed and the SDR DRAM cache to 180MHz versus 166MHz of the original series, the new Vertex Turbo SSDs will be a little faster than the original. Although the small frequency boost is not going to make the Vertex Turbo worlds faster, at just $20 more it's not a great deal more expensive either.

OCZ are offering their Vertex Turbo range with all the typical capacities: 30GB (32), 60GB (64), 120GB (128), and 250GB (256) drives are available. When looking at the 120GB (128) version the rated read speed is 270MB/s, while the write speed is 200MB/s with a sustained speed of 120MB/s. Basically OCZ are claiming a 20MB/s performance increase across the board when compared to the original Vertex.

Other than the overclocking tweaks, the Vertex Turbo is the same as the original, and it comes in the same slim 2.5" case. Therefore the dimensions are the same and even the weight goes unchanged. OCZ claims the same power consumption levels, shock resistant rating, and operating lifetime. Finally the drive is backed by a 3-year warranty and the 120GB version will set you back $280.