Benchmarks: SiSoftware Sandra

The OCZ Vertex Turbo produced an impressive write result in the SiSoftware physical disks benchmark with a throughput of 206MB/s. This was just a single megabyte per second faster than the original. On the other hand, the read performance was quite low compared to the other Indilinx Barefoot SSDs.

The Corsair P Series 128GB did well in matching the OCZ Summit, and although the SSDs based on the Samsung controller were slower than the Indilinx competition, the margins were minimal.

Despite featuring the same design, the A-Data S592 128GB was slower than the OCZ Vertex in both the SiSoftware read and write tests. The OCZ Agility was also considerably slower than the Vertex. Its read results were similar to those of the A-Data drive but write performance was 17% lower.