Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

The Atto Disk Benchmark is great for analyzing how file sizes affect performance, and we have used 4KB, 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, 64KB, 128KB, 256KB, 512KB and 1024KB transfer sizes. First we have the read performance, and based on what we've seen already we know this is where SSD drives shine, even with smaller files.

When dealing with 64KB and larger files, the OCZ Vertex was the best performer, taking out even the mighty Intel X25-M. The X25-M was on the other hand much faster when dealing with files 32KB in size and smaller. Interestingly, although the Corsair P Series 128GB has showed weak write performance when working with small files, the read performance displayed in ATTO was very good. The 4KB and 8KB performance was better on the Samsung drives when compared to the Indilinx Barefoot SSDs.

Write performance was a differente story for the Intel drive as the X25-M was even slower than the conventional hard drive. When dealing with smaller 4KB and 8KB files, the Samsung Spinpoint F1 hard drive produced better write performance than the majority of SSDs in the ATTO Disk Benchmark.

The Samsung based SSDs, which includes the Corsair P Series 128GB, were slower than the traditional hard drive when handling the 4KB and 8KB file writes, while the Indilinx Barefoot SSDs were faster regardless of the file size.

There was also quite a large difference in performance when comparing the original Vertex and the A-Data S592 128GB, which was only marginally faster than the Agility.