Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

Our first test using the ATTO Disk Benchmark focuses on the read performance of each SSD using various sample file sizes. As you can see the G.Skill Falcon II 128GB fares very well here, particularly when working with smaller files, but overall it remains competitive regardless of the file size.

The write performance recorded using the ATTO Disk Benchmark paints a different picture to what we have seen previously. While the results are not totally different, here the Falcon II was quite impressive when working with smaller files.

For example, it matched the Crucial M225's performance with 1KB files while it was the fastest SSD tested in the 2KB and 8KB tests. However, when we began to reach files as big as 32KB the G.Skill Falcon II began to fade away and once again became around 30% slower than the Crucial M225.