Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

Using HD Tach we measure random read and write performance with a range of data sample sizes. First up was the 512 bytes test, and things looks good for the OCZ Enyo. Its performance places it ahead of the Vertex 2, though it is considerably slower than the Intel X25-M which excels when working with tiny data samples. Still, when compared to a conventional hard drive the Enyo is significantly faster when measuring both random read and write performance.

The random 1MB results see the Intel X25-M fall behind the Enyo and Vertex 2 for both read and write tests. The Enyo is exceptionally fast with the supplied MCCI drivers, beating even the mighty Vertex 2. OCZ's drive was many times faster than the Samsung Spinpoint F1, and provided amazing performance gains when compared to its USB 2.0 configuration.

Our last HD Tach test incorporates a range of different file sizes to measure the random read and write performance of each device. Again the OCZ Enyo does very well, delivering the best results of all tested devices with the MCCI drivers installed. Without them the Enyo is slower than the Vertex 2, but still much faster than the Intel X25-M SSD and twice as fast as the Samsung Spinpoint F1 hard drive.