Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

With Atto Disk Benchmark we measured both read and write performance using a number of different size data samples. First looking at the read speeds, we see that the OCZ Enyo performs much the same with and without the supplied MCCI drivers, except in the 128K test where the MCCI drivers provided a 22% performance increase. The Enyo was found to be significantly faster than both the Samsung Spinpoint F1 and the A-DATA SH93 USB 2.0 device.

Looking at the write performance, the OCZ Enyo manages to outpace the Intel X25-M when working with data larger than 32K, while it was considerably slower with the smaller 1K and 2K data. The Vertex 2 was far superior in this test, largely due to the fact that it features a superior controller.