Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

Using AS SSD Benchmark, we took another look at the sequential performance of the OCZ Enyo. This time the drive delivered 241MB/s read and 173MB/s write speeds, making it second only to the Intel X25-M in the first test by a small margin and the fastest drive tested in terms of write performance. Without the MCCI drivers it was considerably slower, but the OCZ Enyo still delivered very impressive results for a portable storage device.

The lack of NCQ support once again has the OCZ Enyo performing quite poorly in the AS SSD Benchmark 4K-64 thread test. Although it is faster than conventional hard drives, it is also much slower than today's high-speed SSDs.

Both the read and write access times of the Enyo are a little on the slow side for an SSD, but they are still leaps and bounds superior when compared to a traditional hard drive.