HAF 912 Interior Design

Unlike some of the recent Cooler Master case models like the HAF 932 Black and 922 Red, the 912 is not color-matched on the inside of the chassis. Leaving the chassis the basic battleship grey likely helps keep costs down.

The power supply opening is located at the bottom of the chassis, with four rubber bumpers to elevate the PSU slightly so that it does not sit flat against the panel. A vented section is provided to allow PSU fans to draw air from under the case. Riser card slots have removable blanks held in with traditional screws. There's the seven standard ATX format plus one additional overhead. The provided 120mm exhaust fan has a 3-pin power connector with a 4-pin Molex adapter to allow for either type of connection.

An oversized cutout in the motherboard tray gives access to the underside of the board once installed to allow for backplate changes without having to remove it. As mentioned previously, the raised section in the top panel holds either a single 200mm fan or two 120mm fans, neither of which is provided.

Of the four 5¼" external bays found in the HAF 912, only the top one has a tool-less type of latching mechanism. Although not the traditional Cooler Master style push-button lock found in their other HAF cases, the sliding lever works just as smoothly. The three lower drive cages provide room for four 3.5" drives plus two more 3.5" and two 2.5" drives. Both the top 3.5" and the 2.5" cages are easily removable if you run out of space.

The lower 3.5" cage is held in with rivets which would require drilling. The 3.5" drive bays all utilize snap-on plastic rails for mounting, not the usual latching drive trays, but again just as easy to use.

The front bezel is held on with a series of clips running down each side. There are no wires running from the panel to the inside; all of the electronics are housed in the upper top section of the case. The four 5¼" bays all have mesh filler panels that snap out easily from the rear, and the lower section has a removable mesh filter attached. A single 120mm intake fan comes with the HAF 912, although there is room for a second, plus the option to use a single 200mm instead.

The accessory box contains snap-on rails for 3.5" drive mounting, 5¼" to 3½" bay adapter metal plates, a 3.5" to 2.5" plastic adapter, and plenty of mounting hardware and zip ties to install all your components and keep wiring tidy. Speaking of hardware let's get some installed into the HAF 912.