Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

The Atto Disk Benchmark is often used by manufacturers to record read/write times and then market their SSD products based on these results. Samsung claims a read throughput of 250MB/s for the 470 Series 256GB and when running the 128K test we achieved a throughput of 265MB/s, so they are right on the money. The only SSDs to better this was the OCZ Vertex 2 Pro 100GB with 276MB/s and the Crucial C300 256GB which reached 282MB/s.

Samsung claims a write throughput of 220MB/s and we saw up to 260MB/s for the 128K test and 224MB/s for the 32K test. This placed the Samsung 470 Series 256GB within striking distance of the OCZ Vertex 2 40GB and Vertex 2 Pro 100GB SSDs, while topping the Crucial C300 256GB for the 32K and 128K tests.