Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

The Samsung 470 Series 256GB displayed very strong read performance in HD Tune Pro when measuring the random 512 bytes performance with a throughput of 7.5MB/s, making it considerably faster than anything else we have tested to date. The random 1MB performance was also strong despite being slightly bettered by the OCZ Vertex 2 40GB and Crucial C300 256GB SSDs. This was also the case when looking at the random file size/random performance results, which placed the Samsung drive roughly on par with the OCZ Vertex 2 40GB and Crucial C300 SSDs.

The HD Tune Pro write performance results are pretty impressive. When measuring the 512 bytes performance, the Samsung 470 Series 256GB was the second fastest SSD. Then when looking at the 1MB random performance and the random file size tests, the Samsung 470 lead the charts.