Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

The SSD 510 achieved a sequential read speed of 408.7MB/s, making it the fastest drive of its size that we've tested. It outperformed the RealSSD C300 by 19% and SSD 320 by 46%, but lagged behind the Vertex 3 by 17%.

When it came to sequential write performance, the SSD 510 was far less exciting with a throughput of 209.1MB/s, which was 6% slower than the RealSSD C300, 9% slower than the SSD 320 and 19% slower than the Samsung 470 Series. The Vertex 3 widened that gap even further, overpowering Intel's offering by 31%.

The CrystalDiskMark random 512K test saw the SSD 510 deliver a read throughput of 318MB/s, making it 6% faster than Crucial's last-gen C300 and 25% slower than the Vertex 3. The SSD 510 delivered unimpressive write performance again, coming in behind the RealSSD C300, Samsung 470 Series and SSD 320.

The 4K-QD32 performance of the Intel SSD 510 was quite poor with a throughput of 87.2MB/s, making it considerably slower than most of the SSDs we tested. The write performance was equally lousy.