Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The Intel SSD 510 120GB was 10% slower than the Vertex 3 with a throughput of 142.2MB/s. It's worth noting that SandForce controllers like one inside OCZ's drive are generally less efficient at handling uncompressible files, such as an ISO file which is already compressed.

The SSD 510 120GB was 30% faster than its larger cousin, the SSD 320 300GB, while it was 31% quicker than the Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB.

The program copy test is comprised of many small non-compressed files (6104 files totaling 2.75GB). The Intel SSD 510 120GB was less impressive here, outpacing the SSD 320 300GB by a measly 1% with a throughput of 132.5MB/s. More importantly, it was 32% slower than the Vertex 3.

The game copy evaluation is a mixture of small and large, compressed and non-compressed files. There are 1336 files in this test weighing 2.70GB. In an unfortunate showing, SSD 320 actually elbowed ahead of the SSD 510 by 4%, while the Vertex 3 gained a 21% lead.