Benchmarks: HD Tune Pro

The HD Tune Pro random read 512 bytes performance was disappointing as the SSD 510 managed a throughput of 2.4MB/s which is roughly the same results seen from the dated Vertex 2 Pro 100GB and Kingston SSDN V+ 100 256GB.

The random read 1MB performance was more impressive as the SSD 510 matched the RealSSD C300.

The random read and random file size test again saw the Intel SSD 510 120GB closely match the performance of the Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB.

The Intel SSD 510 barely managed to out-edge the Kingston SSDNow V 100 when measuring 512 bytes performance and it was much slower than the Vertex 2 Pro.

The SSD 510's random write 1MB performance was a fraction slower than the original Vertex 120GB and it also trailed behind the SSD 320 300GB and Samsung 470 Series 256GB.

The SSD 510 improved slightly in the write/random file size test, but Samsung's 470 Series managed to take the lead with a throughput of 242.7MB/s versus 205.8MB/s. The Vertex 3 annihilated both drives.