Benchmarks: Splinter Cell Conviction, World in Conflict

Splinter Cell Conviction also proves to be relatively lightweight when using medium settings, especially with anti-aliasing disabled. The Radeon HD 6790 averaged 56fps at 1680x1050, which was 17% faster than the HD 6770, while the 6770 outgunned both the GTX 550 Ti and GTX 460.

The HD 6750 outperformed the GTS 450 by 2fps while the HD 6570 crushed the GT 430 by 10fps. That said, the 6570 barely offers playable performance and that disintegrates to nearly inoperable when you reach the HD 6450 and GT 520, which hardly cracked double digits.

Finally, we tested World in Conflict using high quality settings which forces the DX10 rendering mode. The GTX 460 was the fastest card tested at 1680x1050 delivering 76fps, or 7% faster than the HD 6790. The GTX 550 Ti was 13% slower than the HD 6790 and just 11% faster than the HD 6770. The GTS 450 was able to better the HD 6750 this time, though only by 4%.