Benchmarks: Just Cause 2, StarCraft II

When testing Just Cause 2 we reduced the graphics settings to what we consider medium quality. The shadow, water and object quality were set to medium while high-res shadows and SSAO were disabled – as was the Bokeh Filter and GPU Water Simulation settings for Nvidia cards. We tested with 2x AA and 8x AF.

This allowed the GTX 460 to reclaim the lead with 74fps, 8fps ahead of the HD 6790. The HD 6770 was slightly slower with 61fps, which was 5% faster than the overpriced GTX 550 Ti. Despite being one of the more expensive cards in this roundup, the GTX 550 Ti barely managed to beat the HD 6750.

AMD offers a better value when looking at the HD 6750 too, considering it's priced alongside the GTS 450 ($110) but delivers 6% more performance. On the other hand, the HD 6670 is just $10 cheaper than those cards but performs 22% to 26% worse, making it a bad investment for Just Cause 2 fans.

Having just scrolled past our charts, it should be obvious that StarCraft II is not very demanding when using medium quality settings. Even the HD 6450 and GT 520 delivered fairly playable performance. At 1680x1050, most cards exceeded 60fps with nearly half breaking 80fps.

For those keeping track, Nvidia's GTX 460 scored the best again, beating the HD 6790 by a single frame.