1920x1200 & 2560x1600 Performance

More cards are knocked below 60fps when we crank the game up to 1920x1200. In fact, it took either the Radeon HD 5870 or GeForce GTX 480 to exceed 60fps while the GTX 590 sailed along comfortably with an average of 106fps.

It's nice to see the older HD 5870 and GTX 480 still exceeding our performance ideal, clocking in just below the HD 6950 and GTX 570. Just below the 60fps mark, the GTX 560 Ti and 470 averaged 52fps, while the HD 6780 rendered 56fps.

Few cards are burly enough to run Brink at the extreme resolution of 2560x1600. Most budget and mainstream cards tanked hard with less than 30fps. Even the GeForce GTX 580 and Radeon HD 6970 mustered less than 40fps each.

Thanks to the proper SLI support, Nvidia's dual-GPU GTX 590 still managed to deliver smooth gameplay, averaging 60fps on the dot. As we mentioned earlier, Crossfire support isn't available for Brink yet, so we couldn't test the HD 6990.