Synthetic Application Performance

We selected the SolidWorks and Maya tests from the SPECviewperf v11 benchmark suite, which rely heavily on GPU and CPU performance. If you read our recent Llano review, it should come as no surprise that the new AMD A8-3850 processor scores best in both tests. In fact, all the AMD platforms do very well including the E-350, which is coupled with the Radeon HD 6310.

On the other hand, the CoreHT with its Core i5 2520M/HD Graphics 3000 is only a fraction faster than what we saw from the Vision 3D, providing rather poor performance.

The CoreHT does much better when testing with Povray and this time it is just a hair slower than the AMD A8-3850. Furthermore, it provided a noticeable performance improvement over the Vision 3D.

The CoreHT provided strong CPU performance in CINEBENCH R11.5 thanks to the Core i5 2520M, but again, Sandy Bridge's graphics core is no match for Llano's embedded engine or the discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 425M, making the CoreHT much slower than the Vision 3D.