Low Quality Gaming Performance

When testing Just Cause 2 using the lowest possible quality settings, the CoreHT managed to render 20.7fps at 1024x768, which still isn't enough to achieve playable performance. The Vision3D, on the other hand, averaged 36.3fps while the AMD A8-3850 delivered a solid 47.6fps.

The CoreHT fared pretty well in Far Cry 2 with 50.7fps, which was quite a bit better Vision3D's 37.9fps and highly playable if you're willing to do without the eye candy.

Using low quality settings at 1024x768, we saw an average of 171.2fps in Company of Heroes with the CoreHT, clearly more than enough for a smooth, albeit ugly experience.

The CoreHT also fared well in StarCraft II, averaging 49.1fps, which was just ahead of the Vision 3D.

Asrock's latest HTPC offered playable performance (44.4fps) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 despite being slower than the Vision3D and significantly slower than the AMD A8-3850.

Again, the CoreHT's Sandy Bridge processor provided acceptable framerates in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 though the Vision3D's discrete Nvidia chip and new Llano APU were snappier.