Gaming Performance

The AMD A8-3850's Radeon HD 6550D integrated graphics core managed to overtake the Vision3D's Nvidia GT 425M discrete graphics card in Just Cause 2. While the A8-3850 was almost able to deliver playable performance at 1440x900 using medium quality settings, the CoreHT's Sandy Bridge chip didn't come close. With just 12.4fps at 1440x900, the HD Graphics 3000 engine is virtually useless here, making the CoreHT look like a miserable gaming solution.

Far Cry 2's performance was more impressive as the CoreHT averaged 29.4fps at 1440x900 making it just a few frames slower than the Vision3D and reasonably playable. However, at the same resolution the A8-3850 was 57% faster at 46.1fps.

We concluded our medium game benchmarks with Company of Heroes and the CoreHT averaged 20.8fps at 1440x900 – less than playable performance. The Vision3D delivered a respectable 34.5fps, but even that was blown out of the water by the A8-3850's 59.4fps.