Benchmarks: Intel NAS Performance Toolkit

The HD video playback test in the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit saw the Synology DS2411+ provide a throughput of 109.7MB/s, which was on par with the DS1511+. The RAID5 configuration was a bit slower averaging just 96.7MB/s, or a fraction faster than the DS411+.

The Content Creation test reduced the DS2411+'s performance to just 12MB/s, setting it just behind the DS1511+'s 13MB/s while making the device only marginally faster than the DS411+ (less than 1MB/s) and about 2MB/s faster than our Core 2 Duo test system.

The DS2411+ matched the DS151+ with a bandwidth of 47.5MB/s in the Office Productivity test while outperforming our C2D test machine by about 10MB/s.

Intel's file copy test uses a single large file, so we expected similar results to our own 6GB file copy test. However, the DS411+ and DS211 are much faster than anticipated so we're not entirely sure what the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit does differently here.

The Photo Album test uses a large number of small files and as we've already witnessed, this really hammers performance. The DS2411+ was actually slightly faster when using RAID5 here, delivering roughly the same performance as the DS1511+ and DS411+.