Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

The Synology DS2411+'s upload performance was impressive again, reaching 166.4MB/s thanks to Link Aggregation. That's slightly slower than the DS1511+, but not by much, and compared to devices that are limited to a single Gigabit Ethernet connection such as the DS411+, the performance gain provided by LAG is dramatic.

Again we find when uploading a mixture of small and large files the performance of these devices is greatly diminished -- more than halved, in most cases. The Synology DS2411+ was quite a bit slower than the DS1511+ in this test, but it still managed to exceed the results provided by the DS411+ and our Core 2 Duo test system.

That trend remained identical in our program upload test: the DS2411+ (38MB/s) was much slower than the DS1511+ (50MB/s).