Benchmarks: Aliens vs. Predator, Metro 2033

The GTX 680 was surprisingly slow in Aliens vs. Predator, matching the performance of its predecessor while falling 29% short of the GTX 590, 36% behind the HD 6990 and 14% lower than the HD 7970. Gainward's special edition card only increased frame rates by 3% (1fps) at 2560x1600).

The GTX 680 stepped up its game in Metro 2033 with an average of 42fps, 24% faster than the GTX 580, on par with the HD 7970, 9% slower than the GTX 590, and 24% slower than the HD 6990. The Phantom GTX 680 garnered a 7% boost at 2560x1600, taking the average frame rate to 45fps, 1fps below the GTX 590.