Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark repeats what we saw when testing with CrystalDiskMark as the Extreme II's sequential read performance hit a strong 500.4MB/s.

The sequential write performance is also very strong as the Extreme II beat the Vertex 4 by a slim margin while trailing slightly behind the Vector and 840 Pro.

SanDisk's drive did well in the 4K-64 thread results with a throughput of 275.7MB/s, slightly faster than the 840 Pro.

This time the Extreme II choked on the 4K-64 thread write performance, hitting just 187.3MB/s.

The new SanDisk drive's read access time was impressive at only 0.049ms – faster than the Vector and 840 Pro.

The Extreme II also offered a solid write access time of only 0.071ms, though it was still slower than the Vector and 840 Pro.