Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The SanDisk Extreme II 240GB sustained a transfer speed of 312.5MB/s in our single large file copy test, second to only the Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB by a 5% margin – an impressive effort to say the least and 3% faster than the OCZ Vector 256GB as well as 37% faster than the Crucial m4 256GB.

In our program file copy test the SanDisk Extreme II 240GB managed 200.3MB/s, which put it on par with the Intel SSD 520 Series 240GB. Compared to the Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB, the Extreme II was 2% slower, while it still maintained a respectable 11% lead over the OCZ Vector 256GB.

The Extreme II 240GB was blistering fast in our game copy test, delivering a throughput of 264.3MB/s to become the fastest SSD we've tested to date, outpacing the OCZ Vector 256GB by 4% the Samsung SSD 840 Pro 512GB by 6%.