Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

For the most part, AS SSD Benchmark's sequential read data looks pretty similar to CrystalDiskMark's, though we saw a surprising leap in performance on the 250GB model with RAPID enabled.

Again, we see that the real advantages to RAPID are recorded when measuring sequential write performance, but the Evo drives did exceptionally well even with the feature disabled.

The random read 4K-64 thread performance was average for the Evo products and RAPID did nothing to improve their performance.

That changed with the benchmark's random write 4K-64 thread test though, even if only slightly, as RAPID nudged the Evo drives into the 840 Pro's territory.

The Evo drives offered solid read access times taking under 0.100ms – only around 0.020ms slower than the 840 Pro.

The write access times for the weren't particularly impressive at a little over 0.100ms, but that was cut to 0.064ms after enabling RAPID.