Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

When measuring the performance of different file sizes using Atto Disk Benchmark, the Evo drives started at 37MB/s for the 1K test, which was slightly more than the OCZ Vector and Intel SSD 520 Series yet much less than the Samsung SSD 840 Pro and SanDisk Extreme II. We saw similar performance trends for the 2K test as well, though the throughput for the Evo drives increased to 73MB/s.

Moving up to 8K, the Evo models really started to slip behind, performing much slower than most of the other SSDs. That said, the Evo series shines when measuring 32K data, hitting 500MB/s (RAPID offered nothing extra). At 128K data all of the drives except the Intel SSD 520 Series maxed out the SATA 6Gb/s bus.

Atto Disk Benchmark's write results were interesting as the Evo drives kept pace with the other drives during the 1K, 2K, 32K and 128K tests. Strangely, they were noticeably slower in the 8K test and enabling RAPID increased performance when working with 32K data, which was then continued for the 128K test. Both Evos hit an incredible 900MB/s for the 32K test and then 2000MB/s for 128K.