System Power Consumption

It's hard to believe we're actually looking at results from AMD APUs. We've never seen one consume so little at idle. Both the 45W and 65W modes only used 27W or 78% less than a similarly configured system with the A10-6800K or the Core i5-4430.

Using Prime95 to place full load across all cores, the AMD A8-7600 rig consumed just 105W and while that is the same amount as the more powerful Core i5-4430, it was considerably less than previously tested APUs. Compared to the A10-6800K, the A8-7600 used 36% less power.

The A8-7600 shines when placing both the CPU and GPU under load. Here it only used 112W, 11% less than the Core i5-4430 and 51% less than the A10-6800K.