Synthetic Benchmarks

The CPU side of things looks to have been greatly improved. The 65W A8-7600 managed a multi-threaded score of 3.38pts and while that's 5% behind the A10-6800K (which was using faster memory), it's worth noting that the A8-7600 is also clocked 14% lower, 20% without Turbo frequency.

The first synthetic GPU test indicated that efficiency has also been improved, though overall performance is still similar to the A10-6800K. However, while the GPU on the older A10-6800K operates at 844MHz the A8-7600's R7 GPU is clocked 15% lower.

Reducing the A8-7600's CPU clock speed hurt the GPU's 3DMark GPU, but even then it was still 6% faster than the Core i5-4430. It's interesting that a 13% reduction in CPU clock speed cut GPU performance by 6% because the A8-7600's CPU is clocked 16% slower than the A10-6800K yet it still produced a slightly higher 3D score.

This time the A8-7600 was 8% slower than the A10-6800K, but again it's also clocked 16% lower and CPU speed does play a major role in shaping the 3DMark 06 score. Reducing the TDP rating from 65W to 45W only reduced the A8-7600's score by 4%.

PCMark 7 measures overall system performance and the AMD A8-7600 scores very well compared to past APUs. Changing from 65W to 45W didn't seem to have any impact on the score, surprisingly. Despite being clocked much lower the A8-7600 was slightly faster than the A10-6800K in this test.

After performing exceptionally well in PCMark 7, the AMD A8-7600 slipped in PCMark 8's home suite. It was the slowest APU tested – 14% slower than the A10-6800K. Considering previous AMD APUs have dominated this test we were very surprised that the A8-7600 came last.

With its poor results in PCMark 8's home suite, it's all the more surprising that the A8-7600's dominated the creative suite with a score of 3569pts, 10% faster than the higher clocked A0-6800K and 17% faster than the Core i5-4430.

The A8-7600 was only able to match the A10-5800K and A10-6800K (DDR3-1600) in PCMark's work suite, making it considerably slower than the Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors.

PCMark 8's applications office suite pushed the AMD A8-7600 5% below the old A10-5800K with a score of just 1809pts.